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Components of Email Architecture

Components of Email Architecture It is important to note that each component in the email architecture has its own significance in terms of securing email infrastructure. A brief of each of the components is mentioned below. More about the specific types of email threats, attacks & their mitigations in the next posts.So continue readingšŸ˜‰ 1. Active Directory/LDAP Server To validate the recipient's email address before forwarding the email to the mail server. 2.DNS Servers. To verify/perform the forward & reverse DNS records such as MX, PTR, TXT, SPF, DKIM, DMARC, etc., of incoming or destination mail gateways 3.Exchange Servers Hosts the mailboxes of users.   4.Email Gateways Manages interdomain mail communications acts as a relay between exchange servers on sending & receiving ends. Filters & secures the email infrastructure & business at large. 5.Tons of Security Features Including Dynami

Secure Email Gateways

Email Security Gateways They say email is the most popular & primary attack vector in today's world. It is not only important to secure your emails but its also important that they are well designed which would otherwise will lead to operational overhead & loss of productivity. In this post, you will find everything from designing, feature capabilities & security that gateways have to offer for your business emails. So let's get started! Primary Function of Mail Gateways aka SMTP Relay Servers To keep it simple, they sit in between your enterprise email exchange servers & any other external exchange servers around the globe. So what's the catch here. Yes! You got it right! SMTP is the protocol that manages this communication between inter-domain exchange servers. So when wants to send an email to Joe's exchange servers would forward his email to hiscompany's mail gateways to send it to Lily.